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How Yoga Became a Wellness Trend During the Pandemic

As I’m sitting inside a tiny Paris apartment turned yoga studio, I realize how at peace I am with myself since I began practicing yoga — and how in sync everyone in this room seems to be in their own yoga practice.

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The importance of loving yourself

How easy is it to fall in love with your eyes closed? How easy is it to want to love, to want to feel embrace, warmth, sweetness, attention? How easy it is to let go and jump without knowing who will catch you. How easy is it to let go of control, be a victim of passion, of the desire of uncontrollable lovemaking? How amazing it is to feel these things, want them, let your skin and body feel electrified when you like someone? …

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My response to your reaction

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Protecting your energy while feeling sexy

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And why you should do it more often.

The last time I cried was this morning, and I’m here to tell you why I’ve never felt so good.

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Dear me,

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Querida yo,

Porqué los mexicanos necesitan respetar blackout Tuesday

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*English version below

You’re not alone


Going into day 53 of confinement, I never thought I would get this anxious about my future, about the world, and about my friends. When quarantine first started, most of my friends and I saw it as a short term solution for a long term problem. However, today, it is the cause of anxiety for many, especially for millennials who are used to a social culture in their everyday life. Migrating from the classroom to Zoom, from the club to social media, from the gym to live classes, from quality time to face time, has proven to…

Photo by Lorenza Aranda

What you need to know about the fight against women violence

Mexico just lived through a momentous international women’s day. When almost every other country in the world celebrated women’s rights, mothers, sisters, and wives; Mexican women took to the streets and demanded a better future.

Lorenza Aranda

Lorenza is a Mexican journalist, who wants to shed light on important matters, especially for young people around the world.

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